Sunday, March 20, 2011


Here I finally am, in the grey and misty seaside city of Pescara. I've rented a hotel room for the night so that I can get to Villa Maiella early tomorrow, after all it is my first day and I can't wait to get settled in.
I've never gotten a hotel room by myself. With all the traveling I have done I have never had to book a hotel, get to it, or stay the night alone. I'm not nervous, I already did a tour of the city and it seems like a really interesting place, nice restaurants and shops filled with sleek euro-style clothing. I walked the ten minute walk to the beach as soon as I got here, completely undeterred by the gusting winds, gray skies, or spitting rain. It has been a long time since I've seen the ocean and I couldn't pass up an opportunity.
I love exploring new places. I kind of like that I'm here alone, it gives me time and space to think and to reflect on the journey I have already been on up to this point.
Very soon I am going to get dressed for dinner and head out to eat dinner alone, something I've never done and have always wanted to do. I hope I find a nice little place that's open, after all it is Sunday and almost everything closes in Italy on Sunday. So I suppose I had better get moving...

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