Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Last Day

Today was our last day at ALMA. It passed like any other, we were in central kitchen for lunch service. Craig, Erin, Pasquale, Henry, and Myself were on Secondi and spent the day making tripe and stuffed cabbage. Service went off without a hitch and once again Chef Bruno was proud of us. After kitchen the advanced Italian class had to meet with Giulia our Italian language teacher for one last lesson. It was almost torture because we all knew we were so close to the end of the day. The hour and half finally past and we were joined by the rest of the class for a farewell meeting with Chef Bruno, Francesca, Candita (an administration lady), the president and vice president of ALMA, Giulia, our wine teacher Matteo and our history teacher Stefano. They all went around and said many sweet and complimentary things about our class, the most touching were from Chef Bruno because we had all become very fond of him over the last few weeks and it seems he shared the sentiment. Both Matteo and Stefano advised us to stay passionate, and to continue tasting and learning everything possible.

It was a very nice ceremony, followed by prosecco and salumi, in true Italian fashion.

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