Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's a miracle, it has now been two days in a row that the sun has been out in Colorno. Every day since we got here it has been miserablely cold, damp, and foggy. The nasty weather has definitely been wearing on us but the sunlight has brought with it a noticable uplifting of spirits around the apartment.

Unfortunately, I have been battling a bad cold I picked up from Chelsea and have very little motivation to go outside or do much more than lounge around. I have to recover as quickly as possible because Monday is our classes first time in what is called "central kitchen". Central kitchen is the big restaurant kitchen where lunch is prepared for the entire school every day, and each class takes a turn feeding the rest of the school and Monday is our day. We will be cooking gourmet Itlaian cuisine for 300 hungry Italian foodies and the pressure is really on. Already us American's can feel a separation from the rest of the school. Not many of the Italian students talk to us, either because they don't speak enough English, or because they simply have no desire to. We also happen to stick out like sore thumbs and catch stares every where we go.

Right now its about 11am and I have yet to do anything besides have a cup of coffee with a couple of the guys. At some point I'm going to go back to my apartment, clean my room, upload pictures, and hopefully find something fun to do today in the gorgeous weather outside.

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