Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buon Giorno Italia!!

Ciao Italia!

We finally made it to Italy. My whole class and I settled in to our new apartment builing in Colorno, Italy and it is fabulous! Our class makes up the entire residency of the building so we pretty much have free reign to be as loud, American, and obnoxious as we want during non-school hours.

We all met up in Milan earlier today and were greeted by Francesca, our ALMA school coordinator. We then all climbed onto a coach bus for the two-hour ride to our little town outside of Parma...Colorno. The weather is damp and cold, but it sure beats the blistering cold and piles of snow we left back home in New York. Our apartment building is modern, painted in all white with color blocks of lime greens and blues, furnished with modern but sparse furniture. I'm sharing a room with my friend Chelsea and we are sharing our apartment with another girl Lara. Lara has a single room and Chelsea and I are roomies. Even cooler is that behind our apartment building is a huge soccer field. When we all first pulled up in our coach bus there was a soccer game going on, aparantly the soccer field behind our building is where the Colorno Junior League soccer team practices and plays...Score!

Right now its almost time to meet Francesca and go out as a group for our first official dinner in Italy. I can't wait! I'm absolutely starving and all I seem to be craving are big bowls of pasta and goblets upon goblets of rich red wine. Dear lord I'm in trouble here. I am most definitely going to come back to the States resembling some strange crossbreed between hippo and whale. I warned all my male friends from back home that they have to still find me attractive when come home as a giant meatball. As far as I am concerned, all food eaten in the next five months is being written off as career research.

It is my duty as a future chef to eat everything that crosses my path, right?

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