Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Getting Bored

i'm starting to get bored to tears with myself. All day, every day, I am alone. Sure I have the guys at work, but most of the time they speak their Abruzzese dialect that I can't understand and I am left alone with my thoughts....a scary thing.

I am doing the same things over and over again to entertain myself. Blogging, working on my final paper, surfing facebook, watching movies and t.v. online, reading. Sure it's all great, but what I really want is to just hang out with a bunch of friends. I miss the apartment in Colorno, even though we drove each other crazy it was nice to have company.

1 comment:

  1. i just bought some guac at whole foods the other day! i wish it was handmade with love by LISA!

    i think i should start blogging about my life back home and whenever you get bored, you can read it and remember what bored really is! haha! love you! so proud of you!!!