Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Salmon Sashimi

This week is going great so far, two days in the kitchen and one (tomorrow) in central kitchen cooking for our school. I've been assigned to the dolci team which means I'm going to be baking and making sorbetto all day, not my favorite thing to do but it will be good practice.

Today was a relaxing day in the kitchen, we made one recipe (lamb chops with a spicy bell pepper sauce) and then prepped for our recipes tomorrow. So we sauteed mire poix veg and roasted oxtails and other such mundane tasks. I swear if I see a head of broccoli right now I'll scream, I literally took apart a box full of those today. In the afternoon Chef Bruno wanted to demo a complicated recipe for us, a fish terrine. He filleted a monkfish, a branzino, and a whole salmon before carefully arranging them into a mold, it was pretty cool. The best part was that at the very end of class Henry, Pete, Danny, and I got to take home all the rest of the fish that wasn't used. We made off like bandits and probably took home fifty bucks worth of fresh fish. We immediately took it to Henry's apartment and scarfed it down sashimi style. Henry actually made some rice and we were just cutting up pieces of salmon and spooning them down with a little bit of rice and a dash of soy sauce. We were in heaven! Not to sound ungrateful but we are all getting a little sick and tired of Italian food. I can't eat any more pasta or pizza, seriously, its becoming a health concern.

Can't wait for central kitchen tomorrow :-)

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