Thursday, February 17, 2011

Central Kitchen

Central kitchen was sweet!

We had to be in the kitchen by 8am so we all scrambled out of our apartment building this morning and, blurry eyed, made it into the kitchen for a full day of cooking. Me, Pasquale and Henry were with me in a parti. A Parti is pretty much a broup of people who focus on the same tasks during prep and service, so we were all assigned to dolci today. The pastry kitchen is its own little corner of the kitchen so we got to have some space from the others while we did our prep. We made a torta di ricotta, Henry made the crust and I made the filling. It was so good!

The pastry chefs name is Giulia and she actually lives in the apartment next to Chelsea and I. I've been trying to find a way to meet her since I found out she was my neighbor and now, I'm in! Service went well, we put out delicious food and everyone was very impressed with us. Above our normal lunch service we also had ten V.I.P's who came to ALMA today, they were all higher-ups in the Hilton Hotel corporation and knew what was what when it came to food. They were so impressed with us and the lunch we made for them that they had us come out after their meal so they could applaud us and let us know about their upcoming openings at future Hilton Hotel locations. They also got us to all take a picture with them, it was really one of the proudest moments I have had to date. I've never walked into a dining room and had a table of people applaud me for the meal I helped create for them. It was an indescribable feeling, I felt like a million dollars. I've waited my whole life for a moment like that; to have a group of people appreciate the work you've done so much that they actually applaud...that's priceless. Nothing could buy that moment.
I wish we could to central kitchen every day. That was awesome!

Some of us in the class...we have serious skills.

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